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Addressing the need for better pedestrian guardrails

Visiflex® is the best pedestrian guardrail on the market.

No other system offers the visibility for road and pedestrian users that Visiflex® provides.

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There are many companies who now copy the original version of the popular Visirail designed by Doug Stewart which you may have seen. This great design has now been improved with the new Visiflex giving much better visibility than Visirail and is more cost effective. With Visiflex there is no need for special End post, Corner Posts, Angle posts, Radius panels as the Visiflex pivots to the angle required so only one type of post is required, which means you only have to keep one type of post and panel in stock for repairs!

Visiflex costs on average 30%  less to purchase than the many variations of Visirail and can be used to connect to your existing Visirail systems if required. Compare the cost of a Visirail post with the cost of a Visiflex post and you could see a 60% saving on the post alone!

Health & Safety  –  The weight of a Visiflex post is only 1.9kg and panels only 24kg so no need for a bad back when installing like with Visirail! Posts and panels can be installed easily by one operative without the need for help with the lifting.

Don’t forget, there is no need for radius panels with Visiflex due to the way the panels will flow round any radius on the pivot joint of the post/panel- no other system can offer this with the best visibilty and cost!

VISIFLEX – Costs less, Weighs less, Easy to install and has the best Visibility of more than 50%. No other system can offer this!!

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VISIFLEX® is the revolutionary new pedestrian guard rail in galvanised steel designed to exceed the load requirements of BS 7818 and offering probably the best inter visibility available . We are supplying a totally new and updated version of the 20 year old original and successful Visirail product:

  • Improved inter-visibility between pedestrians and vehicle drivers.
  • No full height posts and slimmer profile infill bars.
  • Only one panel type – Invertible and reversible for all applications.
  • Only three components to the system i.e. panel+small stub post +end closure.
  • Total horizontal flexibility due to unique panel connections – up to 90 degree movement.
  • Exceeds the loading of BS 7818 ‘pedestrian restraint systems in metal’.
  • Available in standard 2.0 m and 1.0m  panels to suit post centres.
  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461:1994 with optional powder coated finish.
  • “Off the shelf ” delivery from our UK  headquarters

Powder Coated finish available

VISIFLEX® is manufactured from galvanised steel and is available from stock


VISIFLEX® will easily fit onto the end of, or replace damaged existing Visirail installations. Maintenance and repair cost are much lower than the old Visirail® which is no longer being produced 

Both VISIFLEX® and VISIRAIL® are registered trademarks.VISIFLEX® has replaced Visirail®.

Cantilever Panels

for transparency and resilience

Pivot Joints

for neatness, strength and versatility

Stub Posts

for damage resistance and ease of repair

Please contact us for more information and layout drawings of Visiflex®

VISIFLEX’s transparency always exceeds 50%, unlike other guardrails. Just one type of panel is therefore needed, removing problems caused by alternative panels.

Stage 4 Road Safety Audits for VISIFLEX installations are highly desirable, to evaluate their efficacy and to guide further accident prevention projects.

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